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A tip from shambulatron on Hacker News, regarding keeping Fraidycat quarantined in its own ‘container’.

To provide some context, this was in response to a comment by bajsejohannes:

Somewhat beside the point, but I don’t understand how people are not terrified of browser extensions. I have decided to trust two and hoping to get rid of one of them eventually.

I’m not about to get a browser extension for an RSS reader.

I have to admit - I agree with this comment. Extensions are not the best kind of software to have around. I feel I will always support Fraidycat as an extension, so long as it’s useful to people. But I hope to offer more, later this year.

Response to this from shambulatron:

I run Fraidycat in a separate Firefox profile which I don’t use for anything else. If I want to hang onto a link from a feed, I’ll just open it again in my main profile. I’ve found a side benefit in that the slight extra friction of opening a window for a new profile results in less frequent checking for feed updates, which seems like a good thing for me.

I also have my Fraidycat profile set up with the Temporary Containers extension, so that every link I open from my feeds automatically opens into an ephemeral container and nothing is shared. Doesn’t protect against Fraidycat itself, but does keep things of only passing interest nicely hived off from everything else.

I’m guessing that this second profile also has its own login - to allow Fraidycat to sync all the follows inside the Firefox account.

While I hope that I offer you a trustworthy service that is well-behaved, I’m grateful for these tools that offer you increased security and control, so that you can use Fraidycat with confidence.

Would love to hear any other advice that’s out there!

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