Since Fraidycat appeared - about a year ago - a few other riffs on its function have been bubbling up. This is great! Fraidycat is just a small glimpse of what the future will hold for personal Web tools.

Pictured above: a tool called Arboretum by Joshua Hawxwell - a hosted ‘feedspeeder’. Not for reading feeds, but for quickly assessing what’s out there, much like Fraidycat does.

Fraidycat 2 will offer some options for hosting like this - but Arboretum works today. (We won’t release Fraidycat’s hosted option until it is robust and simple to use. We also have considerations like scraping TikTok and private Instagram accounts - which is tougher to accomplish without a browser present.)


Another related project is the 1Feed app by Ethan. It features a really cool approach to keeping feeds minimal: you can swipe through recent titles, rather than having to show a dense title list.

If you’re working on a feedspeeder of your own, let us know! It’s cool to see these efforts appear.

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