Feline Resiliency

Back with some updates: Twitter fixed, Threads added, new Lemmy support. You should get the update automatically. No idea how well the Lemmy stuff works between instances. It’s a start.

First off, want to thank Nitter for figuring out the proper incantations to get Twitter cracked back open.

Ok so this recent Hacker News comment really resonated:

Seeing all Reddit apps shut down, I can’t help but wonder — what is it that made everyone play by the rules? What happened to the adversarial interoperability spirit? What forces people to use their own API keys instead of pretending to be one of the official apps?

It wasn’t always like this. 15 years ago, when ICQ was huge, everything with a screen, keyboard, a network interface, and a way to run arbitrary code had an unofficial ICQ client for it. Most people haven’t ever seen the official clients. That’s just one example. What happened?

Let’s hold on to that term adversarial interop! Apps like Pidgin were a huge inspiration for Fraidycat, now that you mention it. And great use of the AI acronym.

Looking back at the last four years of commits, it’s wild to see what has stayed the same. A lot of our interop has stayed the same.

Source Last Updated
RSS Never
Tiddlywiki Never
Twtxt Never
Bandcamp Oct 2021
Instagram Dec 2023
Lemmy July 2023
Neocities Never
Patreon Oct 2021
Pinterest Sept 2022
Reddit Never
Soundcloud Oct 2021
Threads July 2023
TikTok July 2022
Tumblr Feb 2023
Twitch July 2022
Twitter July 2023
YouTube July 2022

Mastodon is counted with RSS btw. And: despite all the recent hatred for Reddit, I do appreciate that their RSS feeds have been solid. Maybe they don’t know!

Nice to see some of these connector live for over a year. I guess it’s not as adversarial this way - but good to have peacetime occassionally as well.

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