Fraidycat 1.1.1 — Told You So

Of course an emergency update has to be rushed out, in a pathetic attempt to save face.

I feel gratitude in the depths of my very bosom today - and also in the folds of three of my knuckles - today for the good work of my beloved friends Eli Mellen, Joe Jenett and Emma Humphries. They reported some serious issues with the Firefox extension. The new version is out already - and I was able to catch the Chrome extension prior to publication.

The symptoms are thusly:

  • A blank page at - which is the new URL to your follows page.
  • Broken links for certain importances (Frequent, Occasional, etc.) which left Joe futilely clicking a dead page.
  • Duplicate entries for certain follows. I am not confident that this is fully fixed, so please reopen this if you happen to spot it again!

No updates to the desktop app.

(The sounds of sincere bowing, groveling and skittering across the floor can be heard for the final hour of this post’s duration…)

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