Fraidycat 1.1.2 — Open Your Eyes

A major bug, reported by Jason McIntosh, was causing Fraidycat to clam up. Blank screen. Yipes.

(Oh, also: this update is now going out on @fffraidycat, if that helps.)

Try to keep in mind with this string of releases that I am trying to cover a good amount of operating systems here and support for a dozen social networks. The point right now is to get this thing stable for you, so that the core logic is close to bug-free.

So I was very glad to get Jason’s help on this one - his large corpus of follows has been a great thing for me to dump into Fraidycat. Thank you, jmac!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Further fixes to prevent broken follows from giving you a blank page. (#79)
  • A bug with external URLs was causing posts to go missing on link blogs like Waxy or Pinboard feeds. (#74)
  • Added tab scroll arrows to allow more than a single screen full of tags.
  • Fix OPML import from Inoreader. (#75)
  • Fix for problems with duplicates appearing. (#73) This is an ongoing issue - because Fraidycat’s fetcher has to stay synced with its HTML dashboard.
  • Slashes now can be used in tags. (#77)

Tomorrow marks four months since the inital crummy prototype came out as an extension. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning. Thanks to all of you who are following along, offering encouragement and help. It’s a bit overwhelming to have some attention right now and I hope I can live up to the promise.

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