Fraidycat 1.1.3 — Fat Cat Inbound

You ready for TikTok and those Strict Tracking fixes? Many thanks for your patience and for the dozens of you who chimed in with bugs and requests on Github. I have a massive update for you today!

Ok, TikTok support is here. This required a ton of work - Fraidycat can now scrape rendered websites. Previously Fraidycat could only download pages and scrape the raw code - now it can simulate a visit to the page.

However, you might see your TikTok follow show up with NO POSTS.

Example of a TikTok fail.

💥 Both Instagram and TikTok are having intermittent issues. I don’t know if this is due to a spike in Internet traffic or not. My advice is to put the follow into Fraidycat and it will work itself out some time over the next hour.

I was attempting to get Fraidycat ready for the Bandcamp fundraiser a few weeks ago. Well, here it is now. Bandcamp artists and YouTube playlists are ALSO now supported.

A few Bandcamp releases I’ve been enjoying this season:

The YouTube playlist feature lets you follow a playlist, so that you can be notified when videos are added to it.

Here’s a rundown of all the changes:

  • TikTok, Bandcamp and YouTube playlist support.
  • Strict Tracking issues in Firefox resolved thanks to @quad.
  • Left-hand side expand/collapse arrow.
  • Fix RSS dates from non-locale timezones.
  • Retweets can be hidden using the ‘Hide Reposts’ option in the filtering menu.
  • Improved graphs: if there are only three posts in the last two months, a gray six month graph will be shown. No graph if there is no activity in the last six months.
  • New follow bookmarklet.
  • RSS feeds without URLs are no longer broken.
  • RSS feeds with only enclosure URLs (such as the podcast feed) now work.
  • RSS feeds served with an HTML mime type are fixed (such as the feed).
  • Bug in sorting was causing feeds to skip updates and to sort incorrectly.
  • Light mode toggle.
  • Bug in variable replacement was causing ‘$350,000’ in titles to show as ‘,000’. Possible security fix.
  • No more ‘50Y’ timestamps. If a feed has no posts, the update date is hidden now.
  • Switched to the ‘Inria Sans’ font. I like Signika better - but I’m having issues with jittery font layout and bad kerning on the Windows electron app.

The URL for the new follow bookmarklet is:


I’ll go more into how to use this in a future post. For now, get your downloads at (Firefox extensions can be updated immediately, Chrome will likely take until the end of the week.)

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