Fraidycat 1.1.5 — By Gentle Persuasion

Thankyouthankyou @Ikemitsu1, @kseistrup, @runxel and @JasonSwindle. These folks found the bugs that went into this minor update. Let’s look at what’s new.

  • Posts that get deleted from feeds now get deleted from Fraidycat. A pretty dumb and obvious one. Sorry about that!
  • If post titles go beyond 60 characters, Fraidycat now attempts to shorten the title elegantly in the collapsed post view.
  • Fixes to TikTok, Twitch and YouTube playlists. All experienced breakage - and I had already pushed out updates to these previous releases.
  • Improve XML detection. Some RSS feeds are served as text/html, which can confuse things.
  • Fix broken ‘Z’ date formats. (See issue #131.)
  • Added new Hacker News feeds. (Covered in the last post.)
  • Color visited links. (Only applies to the browser extension.)
  • Replace Unicode entities with SVG images. (See issue #90.)

And that’s all. Thank you for the encouragement you all post here and there - to blogs and in tweets. And thank you for being patient - as I’ve had quite a delay between this release and the last.

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