Fraidycat 1.1.6 — Important Firefox Sync Fix

We have a very special fix provided by Eduardo Grajeda on Github, to repair problems with Firefox Sync. This release also includes a fix to prevent duplicates from appearing in your list.

Since Firefox and Chrome both have limits to the amount of data that can synced between browsers, Fraidycat splits up follow lists into batches to be synced. This logic wasn’t functioning on Firefox, so Eduardo repaired it.

If you have had duplicates appear in your list, this was due to a bug as well. Please delete the duplicates.

Some of the other fixes are:

  • Can subscribe to Steam game URLs now.
  • Can subscribe to specific Reddit RSS feeds using the direct URL.
  • Progress bar shows feed retrieval activity.
  • Touchscreen tab scrolling.
  • Support for RSS feeds that are missing dates.

There have been updates to Twitter, Twitch and YouTube along the way, but those updates happen without needing to update the software.

See home page for all the direct downloads. Browsers should update when the extension is approved.

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