Fraidycat 1.1.7 — SNIFFPPL.TXT

A new Fraidycat has gone out - dropping the new Quick Following feature, as well as support for plain text twtxt feeds. However, some issues have already arisen on Github, so expect another Fraidycat to go out in the coming days as 1.2.

The goal right now is to wrap up the 1.x series so that we can move on to releasing Fraidycat 2. But many of the improvements to feed support and extension integration seemed worth backporting.

Here is the summary:

  • Introducing a new ‘follow’ popup and portrait icon for the extension. These appear on sites which Fraidycat detects as valid follows.
  • Allow adding of currently broken follows. (In case they later begin to function.)
  • More feed support for Reddit. (User pages, ‘new’ pages on subs, etc.)
  • Support for twtxt follows. (
  • Facebook public group support.

Thank you for your support! And to all of those who filed issues that they were having! It’s absolutely essential.

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