Fraidycat 1.1.8 – The Cat Returns

Bit of a rocky two weeks - working through bugs and the Google store approval process. The cat is back - extra requests are fixed now and an additional sync bugfix is coming soon thanks to andrew-wja on Github!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Fraidycat has been 404 on the Google Web Store for the past week. I’ve been working through issues getting Fraidycat to meet new guidelines for extensions. But we’re through that and back up again.

Here are the latest extensions:

No desktop updates at this time. These issues didn’t effect that release. I am hoping to focus on a 1.1.9 release for all of these platforms.

On that note, I want to give exuberant thanks to Andrew Anderson for the hawt pull request - yes, I know I sound stupid when I say it like that, but very worth risking it to express my unequivocal gratitude to Andrew - which introduces a vital bugfix for browser sync on Firefox and Chrome.

I think this fixes the reappearing follows logic noted in #214.

Removed the path in the logic where an incoming follow with the deleted field is added to the local follows and then not removed due to a mutual exclusion in two nested if statements.

Sooooo more good stuff to come!

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