Quick Following

If all goes well, this next feature should be out later today. If you use Fraidycat as an extension, the browser icon will change to a little cat ‘portrait’ button if you are on a page which can be followed.

The ‘portrait’ indicates that you’ve discovered someone in your travels. And clicking on the changed button will no longer launch a Fraidycat tab - but will open the popup seen above - which shows some details about the page you’re on and offers a button to quickly follow this site in Fraidycat.

You’ll be taken to the ‘add’ page - where you can tag the page and re-title it, if necessary.

A subtle, related change is that it will attempt to reuse an existing tab where Fraidycat is open. This will prevent too many Fraidycat tabs from being open unnecessarily. (We would love to hear more about whether you have reasons for opening multiple Fraidycat tabs at once - or if you find that bothersome as well.)

Fraidycat 'follow' icon in dark mode.

This icon is SVG and will also be visible in dark mode. It is designed to be understated and blend into the browser interface.

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