The Fraidiest Cat You’ve Ever Known

If you like Fraidycat - or think it’s interesting - are you ready for more? Because things are about to get a whole lot more interesting!

The first version of Fraidycat was a prototype - and it asked the question: “What would the Web looked like if we treated it like one big network again?” Throwing Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, blogs and even TiddlyWikis and e-mail newsletters in there - what would happen?

And beyond that: “Can we get away from the dominance of the newsfeed?” Going back to checking in on people - individually - rather than visiting a platform.

Well, the experiment has gone pretty well so far. And thanks to all of the feedback and requests from all of you, the prototype has become much more polished.

But can we go further? Much further?

Can Fraidycat become an even more comfortable and useful “window on the world”? Can it become an even more powerful personal Stuxnet? Is it possible for it to gain ground against invasive networks, by enhancing your personal toolset?

Not as a toolset that commands you and guides you by the gifts of some presumably genius mind behind Fraidycat. On the contrary, the tool is for you to command and shape by the whims of your own genius.

So yeah - we’re about to give you a lot more good stuff!

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