Fraidycat in The Outer Web on Discord

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Since I’m sure most Fraidycat readers just want to be left alone, I don’t feel terribly bad about taking this long. But I do feel terribly disconnected from all of you - unsure who you are and what you’re up to and whether Fraidycat is doing anything at all for you! We haven’t had anyway of talking about Fraidycat really - no mailing list, no forum, very little socials, just the issues page. (Which has been very helpful as well! But isn’t great for meandering conversations.)

To that end, here is the Discord link: The Outer Web.

I realiize this is a bit of an odd choice - given that you can’t follow a Discord server in Fraidycat. But maybe that should change. And maybe there are better options in the future. For now, I think this will work.

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