Wakey Wakey

A year has passed since my last update! Thank you to everyone who has been cataloguing issues on Github. I have taken the time to go through them all and have fixed up all of the rules for fetching Twitch, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. I have not needed to update the RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, Twtxt or Tiddlywiki rules. Open formats sure are amazing, are they not?

There is no need to update your extension to get the updates. I was able to make all the changes to the rules - without needing to update the extension. Hopefully you’ve already noticed those broken sources whirring back to life.

The updated rules for Fraidycat are a big step forward. The TikTok rules, in particular, are better than ever. They no longer require a rendering engine to perform their work.

Twitter APIs have also improved in that time. At least I think so.

However, it is a shame that my absence in any way should effect these services! Would that they all just used our beloved RSS. I suppose I’d be out of a job.

Now, I know that I’ve stretched your patience - a year is a long time without updates. But I do love Fraidycat (possibly more than you) and am eager to find its next journey. With any luck, I can find that trailhead soon enough.

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